Playing Warcraft 3 with Garena

November 23, 2008

In my previous post I’ve posted about VPN using Hamachi, in this post I’m going to guide you playing Warcraft 3 using another VPN, Garena.

Why Garena? Garena is an online portal that makes you play online games with other people from different countries even continents, yet there will be no significant delay ( of course depending on your connection too ). For more information just visit the website : .

What you need :

Steps ( for those who already has v1.22 w3 skip to step 3 ) :

  1. Copy your old version of warcraft to a new foldergarena-1
  2. Extract Manual Patch v1.22, copy it’s content(you dont have to copy the maps folder) to your W3 v1.22 folder
  3. Install Garena Client
  4. Register and Logingarena-3
  5. Select your games (no 1), channel (no 2) and room (no 3)garena-4
  6. Now that your in a game room click Settings (no 1)garena-6*use this image for further numbering
  7. After that Setting windows will pop up, set the path to your game .exe (war3.exe in this case)garena-5
  8. Now click Start Game (no 2) your warcraft should start now, make sure it is v1.22
  9. Choose Local Area Networkgarena-7
  10. Choose a room and play : )
    <p: |> show your ping to server, the less the better

    Step 11-15 is optional to improve your connection with server

  11. After choosing a room, look at the server’s nickname, alt tab to your garena client
  12. Search the server’s nickname at player list (no 3)
  13. Right click on it and click Tunnel (no 4)
  14. Alt tab back to Warcraft3
  15. Play : )

Have fun~


7 Responses to “Playing Warcraft 3 with Garena”

  1. help Says:

    how do i play ladder games?

  2. Fatchoco Says:

    I’m not really sure about that since I have not tried a ladder game.

    But I think you can play ladder games by joining a ladder game room or creating a ladder game room yourself.
    And when you join a ladder game room this message will appear :
    “You are currently in a DotA Ladder room with Garena Ladder plugin running”.

    Sorry, can’t help with the details.

  3. Andrea Says:

    hi, i have done all these things (but i got 1.24 v ..problem?) and when I go to Social Area Network, there isn’t any games.. what can I do?

  4. playfish Says:

    i was beginning to presume i may be the only student which cared about this, at the very least now i realize i’m not loonie 🙂 i am going to make it a point to go and visit a couple of various posts right after i get my morning caffeine in me, it’s arduous to read without my coffee, I was unbelivably late last night grinding myspace poker and after getting my fill with a few beers i ended up getting rid of all my zynga poker chips adios for now 🙂

  5. IsRo Krt Kpb Says:

    Nice Game !! hahah

  6. done Says:

    Hey which you very much for the article, it had been really and useful examine! I’ll be again later for certain.

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